iPhone Battery Replacement in Cherry Hill, NJ

Smartphones help us in our day-to-day tasks, but not if their battery is constantly drained. Tired of putting your phone to charge every couple of hours? Do you still need more power to send an email or receive an important call? Head to Steve’s iPhone Repair Store and get an iPhone Battery Replacement in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Doing it yourself is an option, but it is a very dangerous road to take. One unfortunate event can transform a DIY iPhone battery replacement into an iPhone rescue operation. The two main reasons are:

  • Batteries are very fragile and can explode if mishandled.
  • You can damage your iPhone’s internal components as well as the iPhone screen.
So, getting the iPhone battery replaced by experts at Steve’s iPhone Repair is highly recommended.

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Looking for “iPhone Battery Replacement Near Me”?

We at Steve’s iPhone Repair have the expertise and tools needed for an efficient iPhone battery replacement in your area, i.e. Cherry Hill, NJ. We repair faulty iPhones very quickly, so you don’t have to waste your time in long queues and get the repairs done ASAP.

Our prices are competitive without compromising the quality of replacement parts and our customer services. We excel in every type of repair, but iPhone battery replacement is our speciality. We ensure that you don’t miss a single important phone call.

The team of expert technicians at Steve’s iPhone Repair is one of a kind. For them, iPhone battery replacement is a walk in the park. They have replaced dozens of faulty batteries and know every aspect of what to do and what not to do in the whole battery replacement process, be it any model. We offer top-notch iPhone battery replacement service in your area.

The iPhone Battery Replacement Process

Starting with a complete diagnosis of your device, we make a step-by-step plan to execute the iPhone battery replacement process. This ensures your peace of mind and enables us to resolve any other hidden problem with your iPhone. Even though yours might be a special case, the following are some of the issues we generally see:

Swollen iPhone Battery Replacement

Does it look like your phone is getting fat? The battery may be swelling up. Get it replaced before it damages your panel or motherboard.

iPhone Battery Connector Issue

Is the iPhone not turning on? Maybe the battery isn’t connected properly; let us check!

iPhone Power Button Issue

If your iPhone isn’t responding and you’re staring at BSOD (Black Screen of Death), there’s a chance that your battery is fine, but your iPhone needs a power button replacement.

Apple recommends replacing iPhone batteries at less than 80% battery health; the iPhone shows “service” on the battery health option in settings. But if you feel like your battery is acting up, get it checked by our experts, and they will advise what’s best for you. You can get a quote for iPhone Battery Replacement in Cherry Hill, NJ, by calling us at (856) 886-4040, visiting our website https://stevesiPad Screenrepair.com/ or visiting us directly in store at 1818 Old Cuthbert Rd Suite 214, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034.
No, it is not safe at all to use a swollen battery. The swelling increases rapidly, and there is a chance of the screen popping out, screen cracking, phone frame cracking, and, in the worst-case scenario, the iPhone blowing up. It is always recommended to get the battery replaced at Steve’s iPhone Repair Store as soon as possible.
At Steve’s iPhone Repair, the battery replacement cost depends on the model of the iPhone; however, it is the least expensive compared to other iPhone repair service stores.
Yes, charging overnight causes overcharging the battery, which damages its health. Overcharging any phone is very hazardous, but iPhones need special care because iPhones are special.
Overcharging and over-draining is the most dangerous thing and can cause an iPhone battery’s death. Visit Steve’s iPhone Repair Service to get a dead iPhone battery replacement in Cherry Hill, NJ.